“The world is a complicated place, and there's a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does.”

David Rubenstein

“Performing arts buildings are complex. The acoustics, the sight lines and all that have to just be perfect. So you begin with just making these things sublime as musical instruments”.

Moshe Safdie

Rubenstein’s view of the performing arts matches perfectly the motivation for Sekolah Ciputra’s commitment to building Ciputra Hall, a facility that would bring together students, parents, staff and the wider community in their appreciation of music, drama and dance. The result more than meets Safdie’s view of what a performing arts building should be like – as sublime as a violoncello, as elegant as a grand piano.

The Hall was opened officially in September of 2013 with a stunning set of performances by students, dancers and musicians that showed it off to its full capabilities.

Although a school facility, the Hall is very much meant to be part of the Surabaya community. There is no other building in Surabaya like it and the school is keen to share it with other lovers of the Performing Arts. Its visual and sound qualities are outstanding, allowing acoustic musicians to perform without the need for distorting amplification yet including a state of the art sound system for when amplification is appropriate.

The Hall represents one more step in Sekolah Ciputra’s desire to provide the best for its students. As well as providing a magnificent facility for their use, the school expects that the Hall will enhance the growth and appreciation of music, dance and drama in Surabaya and, indeed, in Indonesia.