Janji Engtay

Project Description

Short description of the story

".. Janji Engtay is adapted from a Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers, Engtay and Sampek. The story began when Engtay disguised herself as a man to attend a school in Surabaya. On her way to school, she met a fellow traveler, which later became her school and roommate, named Sampek. They became good friends and swore honorary brothers. Yet, Sampek never realized that Engtay was a woman. As time went by, Engtay fell in love with Sampek. He was ecstatic when Engtay confessed her identity and her feelings. Right after her confession, Engtay got news from her parents to go back to her hometown. She, then, asked Sampek to visit her after ten days and promised him to marry her.  Sampek misunderstood the message given by Engtay. He went to Engtay’s hometown after 30 days. It was too late. When Sampek arrived, he got a bad surprise. His hope of marriage was soon dashed when Engtay’s parents betrothed Engtay to another man, Macun.  Sampek died of a broken heart. On Engtay’s wedding day, she tore off her wedding gown and threw herself against Sampek's tomb, which opened up and enveloped Engtay. Then, from the tomb, a pair of butterflies emerged.."

It will well-performed by all cast of Sekolah Ciputra's students. The ticket box will be open from January 25th with details as below:

Early bird is from January 25th to 31st
Normal price from Feb 1st to the D-Day
For more information, please contact
Sekolah Ciputra - 0317415018 (Yunita)
  • Event Date: 9-10 February 2018